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The Market

The Market I am referring to is, of course, the share market, which is the place where you can sell the shares you own, or buy those you want to own.

The Market is the term used by the press, social media, television and radio commentators to refer to the activities on the market in the past hour, past day or week, or even the past 10 years.

Any market, anywhere in the world, is the place where goods or services are EXCHANGED, not always but mostly for money. If no exchange happens then either there is no market or the market is DEAD.

The market has not got a mind of its own. Whenever a sale occurs on the share market it is often totally forgotten that there is a buyer and a seller who have agreed on a price, and both buyer and seller have a good, personal reason for exchanging shares for money.

I wish the press would stop giving a single reason for explaining why the market has gone up or down.