Comfort with Money

by Rodney Gibson Financial Advisor

I am a sole practitioner with 40 years experience in finance, taxation, law, business and accounting. I am currently associated with SALA Financial Services. I provide the following:

  • Estate Planning, including wills and powers of attorney (EPOAs)

  • Estate Management

  • Taxation advice

  • Investment advice, including superannuation

  • Business structure advice


My aim is to assist you to live within your means and achieve all your financial goals.

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Is Gambling Risky?

When Bernborough was the darling of the Australian racing scene starting at “unbackable odds”, my father, who didn’t really follow the Saturday races, gave me the worldly advice “Never back a certainty because there is no such thing”. In the world of finance it has often been stated that the biggest casino in the USA is locked in Wall Street New York. Unfortunately, several of the investment advisers in our country use the terms punt and bet when reporting trades that they’ve engaged in. This clearly leads to at least one conclusion – that investing is, in reality, gambling. So what? “Gambling” can be defined as risking losing your money because the event(s) that you are betting on are not t

Time to Buy – Time to Sell – Time to Do Nothing

A casual observer (one who has no investments in the share market) would probably be heaving a sigh of relief that he or she is only an observer and not a participant in seeing investments dropping 10% or more in a single day. Participants will have a range of emotions but I have not yet read of mass suicides by brokers and/or investors like those who did not survive a high jump onto Wall Street in 1929. (Although we did have one some years ago in Brisbane). The old saying “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” surely demands that any investing you do only includes doing something that you’re comfortable about. This includes listening to your mates telling you how much money th

Nicole Calling

I don’t even pretend to understand what the National Broadband Network does (or is going to do) for me and my communication with the rest of the world. Over the past year or so I’ve received, on average, three phone calls a month from Nicole who encourages me to hit “1” on my telephone keypad to make arrangements about connecting to the said broadband. If I fail to do immediately now that broadband is available in my neighbourhood, ALL my telecommunication connections will be severed TOMORROW!! Funnily enough my failure to hit “1” has made no change whatsoever to our capacity to receive and send messages using the miracle of what I can only presume is a narrow band network. Clearly the spam